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 Healing the body of cancer means removing the reasons why it first grew. 


 All cancers are curable but you need to go about it the right way.


Only you can heal yourself from cancer, but you need to make changes.

When you learn what's caused it then you can reverse it.       
Healing cancer is all about educating yourself so you can stop doing the things that causes it and start doing the things that heal it.      

Surgery, radiation and chemotherapy are a grand hoax.


Cancer treatments now days are all about money.


No one can profit from natural ways to heal the body of cancer. That's why they won't be offered.


All cancers are a disease of a weakened immune system, doesn't it make sense to strengthen it?

My book titled "Cancer, its Causes and its Cure" is available in either ebook or paper copy and is easy to follow.      

Are you interested? Read the introduction to my book, access it via the left panel.

Cancer Cure

cancer cure


Discover what’s going on in the cancer industry and why natural treatments are suppressed. 

Learn which food causes cancer that we eat everyday and which food has amazing cancer fighting properties. 

Learn how the cancer industry manipulates statistics to make us believe they are winning the war against the disease. 

Learn why doctors are only taught drug based medicine and that is to sell pharmaceuticals such as chemotherapy. 

Drugs and surgery don't cure cancer because they are only treating the symptoms of the problem which is of little help. 

Learn what really works to stop cancer forever. 

Cancer is not and never need be a death sentence. 

My wife Jean was diagnosed with ovarian cancer 11 years ago and is in perfect health today. My book is not about her, it’s about the 7 million people who are dying of cancer worldwide every year and what they could have done about it if they were given the correct information.


  What you will learn...

You will learn, in this e-book, about the myths of our current treatments.
You will receive facts about an effective natural cancer cure that works.
You will get information about how to eliminate your cancer permanently, without any side-effects.
You will also learn why alternative treatments that cure cancer are suppressed.
You will learn that the human body is a complex and sophisticated self-healing item.
Don’t put your precious life in somebody else’s hands, somebody who only treats the problem, not the cause of the problem.
To solve the cause of the problem you must take charge of your own health.
You will get instant access to all the facts and information and you will learn how to avoid the causes as well.
This simple information contains everything you need to know, and it will all make sense to you.
Cancer is not a 100 different diseases, but only one disease in over a 100 different locations. (It only needs one treatment.)
Remember, there is no such thing as incurable diseases, only incurable patients.


The information this e-book contains...


  • Foods that cause Cancer. (they are well known)  
  • Foods that fight Cancer. (also well known)  
  • Chemicals that cause cancer.  
  • How the oil industry is related to cancer.  
  • The facts on emotional stress.  
  • Why medical science can’t find a cure for it. (they are looking in the wrong place)  
  • A description of our immune system. (which is the crux to solving the problem)  
  • A diet that cures cancer. (permanently)  
  • Alternative treatments which include:  
    • Laetrile also known as vitamin B17  
    • Essiac tea  
    • Hoxsey herbs  
    • Ozone therapy  
    • Wheatgrass therapy  
    • Iscador  
    • The Macrobiotic Diet  
    • The Joanna Budwig Diet  
  • Facts on breast cancer. (which you are not told)  
  • Facts on the politics of cancer. (why we have the current treatments)  
  • The truth about genetics  
  • What I would do if I was diagnosed with cancer to achieve a cure.  
  • What a well known health expert would do if he had cancer.  
  • A list of Doctors in U.S.A. who are curing people of cancer.  

Do you know the food item that you probably eat everyday that supports the growth of cancer cells?


Do you know what the natural adversary of cancer cells are?


Were you told these vital pieces of information by your health professional? ...the person you have entrusted with your life?


Others before you have survived cancer without doctors and their drugs. You can as well.


We already have a cure for cancer, but the industry doesn’t want you to know about it.


Our western medicine doesn't have the answers to cancer. There isn't a shred of evidence to say our current treatments are working.  


You must realize you are not powerless, you are in control, you hold the power to overcome cancer, and it is completely up to you.


Remember it's far more important to deal with the reasons that caused the cancer to grow in the first place and that will allow the body to heal.


Natural ways are simple, man's ways are not. Our current treatments for cancer are bizarre.



Fighting Cancer



One point which you will quickly realise is that cancer is a modern day problem and only in the western world!


  Cancer was almost unheard of 100 years ago ...which proves there is an answer to the problem.


While medical specialists have refined the standard treatments, these being surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, these treatments (especially the last two) destroy your bodies natural immune system, the very mechanism that fights off all diseases.


When you recieve these treatments, you’re killing your bodies natural ability to fight cancer.


Doesn't this sound like a step in the wrong direction?


Typically, conventional treatments are focused on fixing the symptom, in this case the cancer growth, rather than the underlying cause of the disease.


This is why the cancer returns.


 While fighting cancer is not an easy task, millions of people worldwide have done it successfully and achieved a cure. Fighting cancer is much easier if you are mentally prepared and have all the information on the subject.





Why did I write this book?

If you have been reading carefully you will have noticed that there is something drastically wrong with the cancer industry and the ineffective toxic treatments they are using.

It was upsetting for me to learn that there are genuine cures for cancer but because they interfere with our current orthodox treatments, they have been ruthlessly suppressed.

I know, it sounds unbelievable that cancer cures could be suppressed doesn't it?


When I came to realise this, I had the natural reaction to this very idea of suppressing a cure for cancer as unthinkable. But it has taken place in the past and it is still taking place today, no ifs, or no buts about it.

Our family had a close friend who was diagnosed with cancer and who desperately want to live but was only given the standard treatments. She had 3 separate operations to remove growths plus given a course of radiation and steadily went downhill and finally died. She was only 33 years old. It was a tragic waste of a life. I have daughters both older and younger than her and I don't ever want to see this happening to them. If she had been given the correct information she need not have died.

Also my son has just lost a school boy friend to cancer, he was newly married and only 34. It was very sad.


 I'm not selling anything except information, information gathered over many years of research. I have been interested in health most of my life and for the last 20 years have concentrated on cancer. I wrote the book to help people.


My book titled, "Cancer, its Causes and its Cure" is available as an e-book to be instantly downloaded onto your computer or a paper copy to be sent to you. It details the most effective solution for cancer. It contains information for patients to beat the disease instead of just suffering from it. I'm offering a genuine solution for cancer, not the usual cut, burn or poison that is only offered these days. 


 I only support natural ways to cure cancer because I know they work, I have seen the results many times. This therapy will strengthen the body and that enables the body to cure itself of cancer. It can be carried out in the home; works with all cancers, even advanced cancer and is 100 percent natural. Because it's natural, nobody can make money out of it.


 My information includes a step by step plan and by following it, will strengthen your immune system and systematically hunt out and kill all foreign cells, that is cancer cells. It works with all cancers, whether they have metastasize, whether it's advanced and in any part of the body, the brain, breasts, bones, prostate, lungs, liver and even with leukemia.


Clickbank is a secure server. Nobody else will see your credit card details. If anything may go wrong they will help you or refer you to me and I will help. They also honor the money back guarantee.  In just 2-3 minutes you will have all the information you need to start fighting cancer the right way and cure yourself forever. This book comes with a 60 day guarantee. If you are not entirely satisfied with the book and the information I'm sharing with you, your money will be refunded. Simply contact Clickbank and they will issue you a refund. You have absolutely nothing to lose.


 This information will save you months or even years of research. My book contains clear answers to the cancer problem. The low price of $19.95 is an insignificant amount compared to what you would be spending continuing down the road of ineffective expensive treatments. Also you won't get this information from your doctor because he doesn't know.



 I can be contacted if you have a question about cancer, I'm happy to help. My email address is  To cure cancer you need to make changes, simple lifestyle changes which only you can do, and my book provides that information which is necessary to help you overcome cancer.

Remember cancer does not disappear on its own.



My book is also available as a paper copy for US$24.95 You can pay through Paypal my user name is   


Simply go to 'send money' then fill in your details and once I am notified I will send the book then email you.


It is also available through

Just type,  "cancer causes cure" into the searchbox at the top of the home page and my book should appear. The price at Lulu is US$19.95, there will be a shipping charge as well.  


For anyone who doesn't have the use of a credit card but can send a check, contact me at and I will return your email with instructions. 


In the past I've also sent my ebook to people in West Africa and other non western countries who haven't got the ability to pay. I'm happy to do that as my book was written to help people with cancer. Just email me at and I will reply.

Read the testimonials from people who have used my book. All my feedback has been positive.



Cancer Facts and Information

 cancer facts






 If you implement the changes and understand the facts & information contained in this e-book...





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I know this works  – It’s now 7 years since being diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and was give 4 months to live. A friend passed Alan’s book onto me and it came along at just the right moment. I am now completely cancer free. Thank you.

Jan Jacobson, Tampa Fl.



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Cancer Its Causes and Its Cures


The information contained in my ebook

The Gerson Diet

The Macrobiotic Diet

The Joanna Budwig Diet

Ozone Therapy



Hoxsey Herbs

Foods that causes Cancer

Foods that fight Cancer

10 steps to become cancer free


Testimonial From Lorna

I wanted to email you to tell you that I’ve read your book over and over. I know it takes great courage to go outside our main system of treatments but I’ve decided to try many other things like flaxseed, mega multi vitamin C, Essaic tea, B17 apricot seed and the Budwig diet that you have mentioned in your book. I have alkaline my body and tests have shown that I’m on the right path and I’m feeling really well right now.
I have had a few bad times with doctor pushing me to do what they want but their treatments here are so expensive. My cancer has shrunk so I feel I’m winning and will stay with treating it naturally because it’s working.
I am very thankful for your information; it’s been a real eye-opener and just wanted to let you know.


Lorna. U A E